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[Solved] No|Choppy Sound In SDL Games (Urban Terror)

I sometimes play Urban Terror which is a SDL game. Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) , a cross-platform software library abstracts platforms' graphics, sound, and input APIs, allowing a developer to write a computer game or other multimedia application once and run it on many operating systems. While playing the game yesterday, the sound would start choppy and stop. Also the game wouldn't quit, instead hang at ' Closing SDL audio device... ' Turns out for some reason I had installed libsdl1.2debian-alsa  which was causing the problem. To uninstall it I installed  libsdl1.2debian-oss sudo aptitude install  libsdl1.2debian-oss After this the game played all fine. In case you don't know, urban terror is free and multiplayer FPS game and works in Linux, Mac and Windows. Click here to know more. If demo doesn't work check this out.

Gobby - Google Wave Like Collaborative Editor

Gobby is a software for collaboration. It is similar to Google Wave but with its own taste. It supports multiple users and multiple documents along with a chat. What's best, it runs in Linux, Windows, Mac and Unix. It transmits changes character by character and highlights according to user's color. In terms of security, the transmission is encrypted and the session can be password protected. Chat support, Unicode support and syntax highlighting are its other features. Enough said, better check it out yourself Click here to install in Ubuntu.

Virtual Barber Shop

Guys this is really a cool video(audio actually). Just close your eyes and use headphone as said in the video. There is no prank or scary things. So, don't be afraid to make your headphone little louder than usual. Sit back, relax and listen. This will blow your mind! P.S. Check related videos too.

Use Ssh Tunnel For Internet Browsing

You can use your ssh account to browse with following advantages: Anonymise your browsing (not 100% because of DNS) Your internet traffic will go to  your ssh server where it will request page as if the server is browsing and finally deliver to you. Use bandwidth of remote network Many ISPs cap only international bandwidth. Atleast in my place. So I can ssh to remote server which has high bandwidth than mine. and may be few others that I can't remember atm. Can you help me ? Now to do high five browsing from ssh tunnel: Open you terminal and type: ssh -C2TnN -D 8080 username@host Now Open you browser and setup the proxy as Manual Proxy Configuration SOCKS host: Port: 8080 SOCKS v5 Now all your internet traffic will go through your ssh tunnel. You can also use Multi Proxy firefox addon to easily switch proxies.

Giving Out Google Wave Invitations

One of our generous reader is offering seven Google Wave invitations. So please put your email address as comment. You can use to protect your email address from spammers. To get the invitation you don't need to be my regular reader nor you need to be my RSS subscriber. Its not necessary that you have posted comment in this blog. It doesn't matter if you hate me or have kicked me. Invitations will be sent on first come first serve basis.

Ask Mark Shuttleworth

With release of Karmic Koala, in Ubuntu class-room ( dated Nov 6 1700 UTC ) there was 'AskMark' class where you could ask questions to Mark Shuttleworth directly. If you missed it, here is the log. It contains interesting answer from Mark Shuttleworth himself. Questions are on topics like Chrome OS, Marketing, Canonical's profit, LoCo, new artwork, Ubuntu's future, favorite app, Mark's daily life, phone type, his money and so on. Click here to read yourself.

Simplest Http Server

When you need a quick file share use this python module that runs a simple web server with directory listing. Open Terminal Go to the directory that contains files/folders. Type python -m SimpleHTTPServer This runs a simple http server in port 8000 Open browser in remote computer Open http://yourip:8000

[How To] Install Ubuntu in Can Coke

Seriously you can't.

Minimize Xchat To Tray In Karmic

I did fresh install of Karmic Koala as I wanted to use ext4 filesystem. I used 64 bit version. So far I have found it very nice and responsive. One strange problem I found with xchat was, instead of minimizing to tray, xchat was closing itself. I tried preferences menu to no avail. After bit googling the solution was simple. After your xchat starts run the following command: /set gui_tray_flags 1 Better Way: Go to Settings->Preferences in Xchat Menu Go to Alerts under Chatting Uncheck "Enable system tray icon" Press Ok Repeat step 1-4 but this time check "Enable system tray icon" Now close Xchat It will ask if you want to close or mimize to tray Select " Mimize to tray"

Multi Touch with Ubuntu

Linux supported multi touch gesture on touchpad from last few years. It was quite difficult to enable them or enable the particular multi touch function you wanted. Here Ubuntu has come to rescue with its new release Karmic Koala. Karmic supports multi touch scrolling. To enable it, Go to Main Menu -> Preferences -> Mouse Go to touchpad Select Two finger scrolling under scrolling . That's it. Use your two fingers to scroll on any page you want. Preety handy while surfing.