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Why Apple Ditched Flash Thoughts on flash from Steve Jobs. Great article.

How To Edit PDF In Ubuntu Linux

Q. How can I edit PDF files in Ubuntu or any other Linux Distributions ? A. You can use the program pdfedit to do so. Click here to install it or install by typing following in terminal. sudo aptitude install pdfedit You can easily change pictures and texts and other objects. Also it supports ecmascript.

Backup And Restore Ubuntu Linux

I assume that you have a separate home partition. We are not using any software other than tar to completely backup and restore a Ubuntu Linux box. We are backing it up on external drive mounted at /media/storage Backup Open a terminal. cd /media/storage (or any other place that you want the backup to be made) sudo tar cvpzf backup.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/backup.tgz --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys --exclude=/media / This will take some time and create a file called backup.tgz. This is your whole system backup excluding your home partition as it is safe in a different place. Restore Open a terminal on the system you want to restore the backup. cd /media/storage (After you have plugged in the external drive having the backup file you just made.) sudo tar xvpfj backup.tar.bz2 -C / Make the directory you excluded in the backup command. This concludes a successful restore of your system.

Facebook Photo Protector [Mock Up]

Concerned too much on your privacy ? Here is a mock up to deal with. Replace the question with the one only your friends can answer. Picture:

Xchat Doesn't Minimize To Tray On Startup

One of the problem I faced after Karmic Koala was Xchat won't minimize to tray i.e the system tray icon wouldn't show, instead Xchat would close. The problem is same on Lucid Beta as well. I had post one solution minimize-xchat-to-tray-in-karmic . But this doesn't work if you have set Xchat on your startup list. Xchat sometimes minimizes to tray and some times not when it is set on startup program list. So I have come up with a solution as below. In you home directory make a file .xchat_start with following content #!/bin/bash sleep 30; xchat Set execute permission on this file by typing chmod +x .xchat_start in terminal Now go To Menu->Prererences->Startup Applications Click Add Add name Xchat and command /home/u ser_name /.xhcat there

How To Find Which Version Of Ubuntu I Have ?

Q. How to find out which version of Ubuntu I am running ? A. Open terminal and type: lsb_release -cs You'll see output like karmic, lucid. I got lucid that means I'm running Lucid Lynx. You can also use the following command which works on most of the Linux distros. user@user-desktop:~$ cat /etc/issue Ubuntu lucid (development branch) \n \l

Gbrainy A Brain Teaser Game

Gbrainy in a brain teaser game introduced in Ubuntu from Lucid Lynx. It is available in karmic repo too. Karmic is current stable version. The game is mixture of logic, calculation, memory and vebal questions. You can choose to drill on any of of them or all of them. In the end a summary with tips and score is shown. While in Lucid Lynx the game is available from games menu, in Karmic you have to install it by clicking here  . Here are some screen shots from Gnome Live.