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On Screen Keyboard In Ubuntu

If you need On Screen Keyboard in Ubuntu press Alt+F2  and run the program called onboard You can also simulate mouse and keypad in the keyboard.

Install Firefox 4.0 in Ubuntu

We can easily upgrade/install Firefox 4.0 by following the steps below. Open Terminal and type the followings: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get install firefox ubufox  firefox-gnome-support This version is definitely faster and better than 3.6 but if you don't like how it looks here is the link to customize it.

How To Update Ubuntu To Development Release

Q. How to update Ubuntu to development release? A. Press Alt+F2 and type update-manager -D Update manager will open up and you'll see an upgrade  button. You may want to check if Normal Release  is selected under Souftware-sources -- Updates -- Release Upgrade

Ubuntu Blogs

Here are the list of Ubuntu Blogs that I follow: Web UPD8 Omg! Ubuntu! Ubuntu Geek Ubuntu HQ I don't like this. :@ Tombuntu He's lost these days. Easierbuntu I am Ubuntu And of course Techs Palace

Change Default Country In Google Apps

Once your default country is selected in your Google Apps account you cannot change it. Sometime it becomes necessary to change the default country for eg: when you change your country. To force the change follow the steps below: Login to your Google Apps as an administrator. In your dashboard you'll see " Try Google Apps for Business Free" . Click that link. After that you'll get option to change the country as show in the figure below. Select your desire country and click ' Begin Trial '. Don't worry, we don't have to pay any buck. After this you'll reach to Google Checkout Page. At this moment close your browser. Yes close it. Verify if your change has been saved by going to Domain Setting -- Account Information -- Default Country

How To share Windows Drive In Ubuntu Guest Inside VirtualBox

Open VirtualBox Open setting of your guest OS Ubuntu Goto shared folders Click the "Add shred folder" button. Its the button on far right with a plus sign on folder. Give a folder name and the path you want to share. Select "Read-only" if you want the share to be read only. Now open your guest OS Ubuntu Once its on, open terminal and run the command sudo mount.vboxfs name_of_your_shared_folder /mnt