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This Is Hot

Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal 64 bit Flash Player 10.3 Watching live cricket streaming(Flash) for around 10 minutes and temperature easily reaches 85 degree Celsius. 70-90% CPU usage(X org and Flash plugin and Browser) shown by the command top 70 degree Celsius on startup.

Google fun

Type the following words in Google and click I'm Feeling Lucky google gothic google gangsta google 1337 elgoog laugh find chuck norris google loco google easteregg doogle tubegirl lol limewire google pacman no brain

How To Restart Unity

How to restart Unity. Press ALT+F2 and type unity --replace

Download Torrents Faster Via HTTP

I use the website  to download my torrents. How it works is, you give the site the torrent file and it will download it from the seeders. Once the download is complete you can use your browser to download the file via HTTP. The main advantage I find in it is if other user of the site has already downloaded the file, I don't have have to wait for the torrent to complete download. Rather I get the HTTP link instantly. It uses file has to check if the file has been downloaded. What are the sites of similar nature you use?

Definitions of Designations in SDLC

Project Manager is a Person who thinks nine women can deliver a baby in One month. Developer is a Person who thinks it will take 18 months to deliver a Baby. On-site Coordinator is one who thinks single woman can deliver nine babies in one month. Client is the one who doesn't know why he wants a baby. Marketing Manager is a person who thinks he can deliver a baby even if no man and woman are available. Resource Optimization Team thinks they don't need a man or woman; they'll produce a child with zero resources. Documentation Team thinks they don't care whether the child is delivered, they'll just document 9 months. Quality Auditor is the person who is never happy with a delivered baby. Tester is a person who always tells that this is not the Right baby. HR Manager is a person who thinks that... a Donkey can deliver a Human Baby - if given 9 Months

Clean Ubuntu System

After using Ubuntu for a long time, chances are you'll end up with junks in your system. By junk I mean packages you installed but no longer in use and temporary/cache files. I usually use two program time and again to clean my system. They are bleachbit and computer-janitor Bleachbit Bleachbit is similart to ccleaner in Windows. It removes your temporary files and cache files. For eg: your browser history, cookies, temporary files and your bash history and so on. Computer-janitor Computer-janitor removes the old unused package. Be careful with this, it will also mark software installed from other source for removal.

Mayan calendar

I bet you know that there is a prediction that, according to the ancient Mayan calendar, the world will end on Dec. 21, 2012. I found this cartoon relating to it and this one is fun.

HTC Desire Screen Scratch Proof?

Q. Does HTC Desire screen gets scratch? Q. Is HTC Desire screen scratch resistant? A. HTC Desire screen is scratch resistant. I am using the phone for more than a year now without any screen protector or any case. But I've got a tiny scratch on top left part of the screen. I can confirm the scratch was not from accidental drop or from big metals. However I exactly don't know how that scratch got there. Maybe the metal jeans bottom near the pocket?

Lenovo Y510 Hinge Problem

In conclusion: Think twice thrice as much as you can before you buy any Lenovo Product. Its not that Lenovo builds bad product. I am using Lenovo Y510 since last three years or so. It has great sound, is very strong and overall its very good. But unfortunately there is a design flaw with some Lenovo Ideapad series specially Y510. The hinge in Y510 are so strong that after some span of time the plastics base in which the hinge is mounted starts to break. Take a look at pictures of one user's Y510. OK, shit happens, has happened with many company. Only different thing is Lenovo here didn't stand by its product. There is already 63 pages long forum post on Lenovo's official forum filled with people complaining about the product. Some lucky users got chance to fix it for free. But Lenovo never acknowledged the problem, never did recall nor informed its users that they are fixing it for free. Most astonishing thing is even though the forum is already

How To Make Launcher Always Visible In Ubuntu Unity

If you don't like the launcher auto hiding itself, you can use Compiz to make the launcher visible always. Follow the steps below: Open Compiz Config Setting manager You can open this by pressing Alt+F2 and typing ccsm Search for the plugin Ubuntu Unity Plugin Under Behavior you'll see Hide Launcher , choose never on the drop down menu.

How To Take Screenshot In Ubuntu Unity

Natty Narwhal is shipped with Ubuntu Unity. If you are wondering how to take screenshot in Unity, don't worry its the same as usual :P If you want to take screenshot of current workspace press PrintScrn If you want to take screenshot of current window press Alt + PrintScrn

Natty Narwhal Ubuntu Unity Mouse Tricks

Here are some mouse tricks if you want to be a power user of Ubuntu Unity in Natty Narwhal. Launcher Clicking and holding an icon and then dragging it around will allow you to reorder it on the launcher. You can also drag it off to the right of the launcher to move it around. Note that you need to make an explicit movement to the right to move the icon off the launcher before you can move it around. Dragging and Dropping an icon in to the trash-can will remove the entry from the Launcher. Scrolling the mouse wheel over the Launcher scrolls the icons if you have too many and need to move around quickly. Windows Management Maximizing - Drag window to the top panel Restore  Double click on the top panel(but not  in application's menu) Drag the top panel down Maximize Vertically - Middle click on maximize button Maximize Horizontally - Right click on maximize button Cycle between Maximized windows - Middle click on top panel(but not in application's menu) Tilin

Natty Ubuntu Unity Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some keyboard shortcuts if you want to be a power user of Ubuntu Unity in Natty Narwhal. Launcher Super (hold) Invokes the Launcher Super + 1,2....0 Opens or focuses an application whose position in the launcher corresponds to the pressed number Super + Shift + 1,2....0 Opens a new instance of that application if it is already open Super + T Opens the trash can Alt + F1 Puts the focus on the Launcher, Use arrow keys to navigate, Enter launches an application, Right arrow exposes the quicklist if available Ctrl + Alt + T Launch a terminal window Super + A Opens the Application lens Super + F Opens the Files & Folders lens Dash Super (tap) Opens the Dash Alt + F2 Invokes the Dash in the Run command mode, typing a folder name will find that folder in Nautilus Note: the Dash will open with focus on the search box to find appliations and files. Navigate the results using the arrow keys, use Enter to launch Panel F10