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Animated Gif In Ubuntu

When you open animated gif in Unbunt it appears as a static gif image. To see the gif animation you need to install a program called 'gthumb' Install it by opening terminal and typing sudo aptitude install gthumb Or go to Synaptic package manager and select 'gthumb' If you are using Ubuntu, you can also click here to install it. After installing it, save this cool 'super dog' photo to your computer and try viewing it with gthumb.

Google Wave Check It Out

Sorry guys for posting this late, if you haven't checked out Google Wave , check it out now or blame yourself. Its a killer app. Pretty cool ha ?

Bash Quick-Reference, Great Shortcuts

C-n means control-n M-x means escape-x (few keyboards have a 'meta' key) Finding a line in history: C—p Move to previous line in history C-n Mcve to next line in history C-r Reverse search Moving in the current line: C-a Move to start of the current line C-e Move to end of the current line C-f Move forward (right) one character C-b Move backward (left) one character M-f Move forward one word M-b Move back one word Editing the current line: del Delete the character under the cursor bs Delete the character to the left of the cursor C—k Kill the characters to the right of the cursor C-u Kill the characters to the left of the cursor M—d Delete the word to the right of the cursor M—bs Delete the word to the left of the cursor M-u Convert the next word to upper case M-l Convert the next word to lower case M—c Capitalize the first character of the next word C-vx Insert x literally, even if x is special Kill ring and previous line: C-y Yank (paste) the last deleted characters M-y Immed

Hide Channels From Whois In Freenode

If you are a geek you must be hanging on lots of irc channels. I like to hide my details as much as possible. So I prefer to hide the other channels I've joined. To do so, the command you type is /quote mode user_name +i Also you can get cloak to hide your IP.

Run GNU Screen Directly

Whenever I have to start screen , I have to start a terminal and run screen manually. Now to run the screen automatically without first opening a terminal you can use the following command gnome-terminal -e screen This opens screen in gnome-terminal directly.

Simple And Powerful Command To Take Screenshots

I often take screen shots. So I need a simple applications that loads fast, is easy to take screen shots, is powerful and saves file directly to the location I want. And the best thing I found is the command import . For example to take a screen shot I can simply press ALT+F2 and type import -frame /tmp/my_screenshot.png

Acer Gateway Brightness problem solved

I encountered a problem with Gateway laptop. The brightness level can't be changed neither from keyboard shortcut nor from gnome-power-manager. If you encounter the same problem, open terminal and type xrandr --output LVDS --set BACKLIGHT_CONTROL native or xrandr --output LVDS --set BACKLIGHT_CONTROL legacy To make this fix permanent add the above line in your startup(From Menu, System, Preferences, Startup Applications).