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Disable Master Password Dialog in Netbeans

I have problem with Netbeans that comes with Ubuntu. It doesn't allow me to create project giving error "Cannot find an HtmlParser implementation for HTML5". The bug is only fixed in latest version of Netbeans. So I downloaded and installed latest version. But to my annoy, a master password prompt kept appearing at every start of the Netbeans. To quote this post, Problem: at startup, Netbeans asks for a master password. I cancel, and it asks again. I cancel again, then it asks to set a master password, which I cancel as well. This happens every time I start Netbeans.  The solution appeared to be simple. A missing package was preventing Netbeans from using Gnome Keyring. So install  libgnome-keyring-dev by clicking here or typing sudo apt-get install  libgnome-keyring-dev After this the master password dialog box should vanish.