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Logging Handler With Buffering And Uses Amazon SES For Python

This Python logging handler can be used to combine multiple log message in one email message and send the log email using Amazon SES . Boto is used to send email using Amazon SES. Email will be send once the buffer reaches the capacity you've specified. To force send the email before it reaches the buffer capacity you can shutdown the logger by calling its shutdown method.You can simultaneously keep logging in file or other places by adding more handler.

Fake SMTP Server For Development

This fake SMTP server comes handy when you have to do development which requires sending hundreds of email. This will act as an SMTP server but doesn't relay emails but saves them in a file in predefined location and also display the emails in the GUI itself as they comes. This is cross compatible Java jar file and can be launched easily by typing: java -jar fakeSMTP.jar after downloading it from this website.

Fix Bad Distorted Audio And Sound In Geanymotion

Geanymotion is a great product. As soon as I knew about this, I've been using this for my Android development. One problem bothering me was the audio and sound coming from Geanymotion was totally bad and distorted. Not only that any sound playing in my computer would get distorted for few seconds when sound was playing in Geanymotion. Turns out Geanymotion was using Alsa instead of PulseAudio. To fix this: Open VirtualBox. Yes not Geanymotion. You'll see list of all the Android devices you've created from Geanymotion here. Click on the Android device you want to fix and click settings. Go to Audio tab in settings. In Host Audio Driver change from Alsa to PulseAudio. Press OK to close the settings. Repeat this process for all Android devices. Now run your Android device normally from Geanymotion and you should hear problem free perfect audio.