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[Solved] Download Unsuccessful On Android Market

Is your Android market giving you problem? And by problem I mean while installing apps it will download all the way but fail to install saying "Download Unsuccessful". I really don't know what causes this "download unsuccessful" error in Android market. But the fix is very simple and as follows: Go to Settings - Applications -Manage Applications Choose Download Manager In Download Manager option choose "Clear data" If "Clear cache" is not disabled clear cache also. Do the same for "Market" which you will find in similar way in Settings - Applications -Manage Applications If you can't find any of the above app, they may be hidden by filter. Its available under "All", not  "Downloaded".

Share Audio Output Between Computers

Imagine this, I bought a new laptop after my old laptop's hinge problem . Today the sound card of my new laptop died. So today I decided to route the sound of my new laptop to my hinge broken laptop. With synergy I've been sharing the keyboard and mouse. Now sound card will also be added. This is how I transfer audio to different hardware. On the server computer install PulseAudio Preferences. You can install it by clicking here  . You can run it running the command paprefs . Go to Network Server  tab and enable: Enable network access to local sound devices Allow other machines on the LAN to discover local sound devices Don't require authentication Now go to Simultaneous Output  tab and enable: Add virtual output device for simultaneous output on all local sound cards Now go to client computer and install the same program and run it. This is a very simple but powerful program for PulseAudio hardware sharing. Go to Network Access tab and en

[Solved] This application does not exist (app_id=u'

Today I started receiving strange error while uploading some changes to my existing app. ../ update . Error 404: --- begin server output --- This application does not exist (app_id=u'my_app_id'). --- end server output --- Turns out Google had cached my different login which I had used to update a different app. And it was trying to use that cached login to update this app as well. So I fixed it by removing the cache: rm -rf ~/.appcfg_cookies After this  ../ update . will run successfully.

Control Multiple Computers With One Keyboard And One Mouse

Synergy is the application that I use to share a single keyboard and Mouse between multiple computers. Its just like dual display setup, i.e. you move your mouse over to one edge of the screen and it goes to other computer. I have been using Synergy to share USB keyboad and USB mouse plugged into one laptop with other, both running Ubuntu. You can also share between different OS like Windows and Mac. To share the keyboard and mouse between two Ubuntu laptops follow the steps below. First decide which laptop will be the server and the host. The server's keyboard and mouse will be used to control both the server's and client's operation. After deciding go to the server compuetr and install synergy . You can click here to install Synergy in Ubuntu. Create a file called .synergy.conf in your home folder with following text. section: screens HP: Lenovo: end section: links HP: right = Lenovo Lenovo: left = HP end section: aliases HP: H

[Solved] Natty Overlay Scrollbars Problem In Eclipse

The overlay scrollbars that comes with Natty is liked by many including Apple. But today while I was using Eclipse for some Android development I found out that the scrollbars doesn't work properly.  Though I can see the lines at the edge the up and down scrubber wouldn't pop up. I managed vertical scrolling with mouse wheel but there was no way to do horizontal scrolling unless I was with touch pad. After Googling I came up with two fix. Disable the overlay scrollbars and use the old traditional scrollbars Remove the fix for bug #458703 and use the overlay scrollbars So if you want to disable the overlay scrollbars and use the old traditional scrollbars, do as follows: sudo vi /usr/bin/eclipse Add the following two lines in the file. Preferrably after line 8 i.e. before line that says "ECLIPSE=/usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse" export UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 Now if you restart eclipse you should see the old scroll bars. But if you