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aTorrent - Best Android Torrent Client

Most of the time there is no electricity in my Country. I am using that time to watch movies on my phone. It is easier to run phone and Wi-Fi router on battery backup than the computer so I started searching for best torrent client for Android phone. My verdict is aTorrent . aTorrent comes in three versions: 1) Free 2) Pro 3) Beta . So this matches rich set of audience. The client itself uses beautiful Android Holo Light theme. Features The must feature that makes this the best torrent client for me are: Download on Wi-Fi only Download only when external power is connected Speed limit Rich notification Easy, beautiful and rick UI Apart from these, the app  comes with: * Torrent search dialog * Magnet links support * Open torrents right from browser * Add torrent from file * Choose download folder * Partial download (choose files from torrent) * Multiple parallel downloading *  Supported protocols: BitTorrent P2P, DHT, Advanced DHT Bootstrap, Ma