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Use Earphone Or Headphone As Microphone [tips]

The laptop  my office gave me doesn't have an internal microphone. I only realized it when I had to make a voice call. I have couple of earphones. I used one of it as microphone by simply plugging it in the microphone jack and using the ear piece as mic. Any earphone or microphone will work. You don't need earphone that comes with mobile phones that has mic in it.

Zip Code Of Nepal

This post is for my fellow country men. Many Internet form asks to fill up zip code. As a result many people ask me what is the zip code of Nepal . To answer it, there isn't really a zip code for Nepal or cities in Nepal. But instead you can use the postal code which the post office of Nepal takes equivalent as zip code or pin code. Postal code varies according to cities. For Kathmandu it is 44600. You can find the zip/pin/postal code of all cities of Nepal from the official site of General Post Office of Nepal

Temp Root HTC Desire To Enable Market

Enough is enough. Time and again I had to download apk files from risky source because I couldn't find the app in market. Many apps like Skype, Funny Jokes, Google+ is in market but when I had tried to install it, it said "This app is incompatible with your [phone]" and the reason for it was "This item cannot be installed in your device's country". If I fake that my SIM card is from different operator and country, Android market will allow me to install app that are not available in my country. If I fake USA operator I'll get the most app. So I decided to root my phone to fix this for now and for ever. But again I really didn't want to do a permanent root as I'm expecting Gingerbread update any time now. I also have extra slow Internet and currently don't have much free time. And most importantly this phone is very very very ... very expensive for me. It takes year and year of my salary to afford one. Even though chance of bricking is ver