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ubuntu nepal

Hello all, Please visit Its an IRC for ubuntu having nepali users. Also, is launched EDIT: Wow, is also there. Seems like Nepali are loving Ubuntu. UPDATE Mailing list ( subscribe first) Community IRC irc:// Main Ubuntu NepalTeam wiki NepalTeam Facebook Launchpad page Join #ubuntu-np using Web-based IRC Ubuntu Nepal forum Ubuntu Nepal planet

MAC like dock for Ubuntu

Kiba dock and AWN are two of my favorite dock that resembles MAC dock. You can try them from Here is a tutorial to setup kiba-dock in Ubuntu Here is a tutorial to setup awn While Kiba dock focuses on launchers, AWN supports both launchers and task list.I just wanted the launcher and tried to remove the task list from it but I could only seperate, not remove. While checking the blueprint I was happy to know that in future version one of them can be removed. While both of the provide you with fancy desktop, they requires composite( like copiz fusion) to be enabled. So be aware if you have some old system. Here is mine desktop with AWN. BTW AWN stands for Avant Window Navigator.

sed one liners

Hi, contains very good sed on liners.

rename multiple file or extension in linux or unix

Hello, There might be many case where you want to rename multiple files or extensions. Like you may want to convert all php3 to php or html to htm. On freebsd box you have got many option but not mv *.php3 *.php The main reason for this not working is that the shells are not suppose to do so. Also there are many ports available to do so. But here I'll tell you about a simple csh shell script to do so. Suppose you wan to rename all the file0.php3 file1.php3 .... filen.php3 to file0.php file1.php .... filen.php. #!/bin/csh foreach file (*.php3) mv -iv $file `basename $file php3`php end Remember that ` is backquote not '. There is no space in php3`php. RTFM for mv -iv. RTFM for basename and foreach. Happy mv.

Configure Interface Without IP

How to configure an interface without any IP? How to remove IP address from an interface? Well there may be many ways but I'll tell you only two of them, one that I used to follow and the other I am currently following. Remember I'm talking about freebsd. One way is to edit /etc/rc.conf file and remove the line ifconfig_your_interface_name Then either run /etc/netstart or reboot the machine. The other simple way is ifconfig your_interface_name -alias Make sure that your interface is up. Just verify from ifconfig or run ifconfig your_interface_name up Youre done.