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This Is How Steve Jobs Was Inspired To Create iPod

How Steve Jobs was inspired to create iPod.

List Of Official Archive Mirrors for Ubuntu

We can find the list of official mirrors for Ubuntu from this Launchpad page, This page will show the list of servers, protocol supported, its speed and synced status. If you have your own mirror and want to add it as one of the official mirror for a particular country then follow this, . And CD mirrors are listed in . It will be best to use the server listed here for your particular country.

Earthquake And Android

I live in Kathmandu and it is one of the dangerous city in terms of earthquake. Mother nature reminded us this fact yesterday with 6.8 Richter scale earthquake with epicenter in Sikkim, India (281 km). There was few casualties and damage. While I'd always want to get an earthquake alarm like this , its somewhat out of my budget. They have numerous advantages from detecting earthquake before few seconds to auto shutdown of alarm. You can check the page yourself for the complete set off features. Here I will share a couple of Android apps that I reckon will be useful in case of earthquake. Vibration Meter  by  Smart Tools co Vibrometer uses the phone sensors to measure phone's vibration or the earthquake, and shows a reference. I did some testing by putting the phone on flat desk and simulating earthquake by shaking the desk. With right calibration the app was quite impressive. But unfortunately alarm feature was available only with pro version. Android Market

How To Block Attachment And Chat In Gmail

Google has made very easy for system administrator to block attachments and chat in Gmail. To block attachments the system administrator can block To block chat in Gmail the system administrator can block Furthermore, To block iGoogle and orkut chat the system administrator can block To block Google Talk client and other Google desktop clients the system administrator can block and

[How To] Save Mercurial Username And Password For Syncing (Push & Pull)

First of all, you should really use keyring like gnome-keyring to store password. Storing plain password in a text file is never a good idea. Keyring extension is available for mercurial. However, if you don't want to hassle with the mumbo jumbo and really don't mind the plain password, you can use the following method to prevent mercurial asking for username/password while syncing to server. (while push and pull) In your .hgrc file add entry like below: [auth] server1.prefix = server1.username = username server1.password = password server1.schemes = http https server1.prefix = * server1.username = username server1.password = password server1.schemes = http https Now the explanation part: [auth] defines the section for authentication. You have to group prefix, username, password and schemes with one string. It can be any string but whatever follows that string is part of that group. prefix is the url, you can use wild card he

SMS From Ncell Connect Data SIM Card And Ubuntu How To

Today I grabbed the golden offer and bought Ncell data card for Re 1 ( Re 1 == $1/75). Ncell data SIM card is like any other SIM card that can be inserted into a USB dongle and used for high speed Internet.  Its like Reliance 3G Data card in India. Source: It is popularly known by the name  Ncell connect . Ncell connect comes with wonderful software for Windows and Mac. From there you can do the all the operation like connecting, recharging, balance checking etc for successfully using the service. For Linux we can use *better software known by the name wammu . I personally use wammu with Ncell connect to do the following things: Check account balance Check Internet balance Recharge account Check signal strenth And this is a picture guide to accomplish the above functions. First install wammu by clicking here . Once its installed open it. You'll be greeted by following dialog box Click yes and you'll see welcome message