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Another useful bash scrpt

This bash script strips the ping loss percentage figure which you can use for graphing purpose in MRTG, RRD or other graphing products. #!/bin/sh #Date: 25-Jun-08 #Author: info[@] #Purpose: Strip Ping loss percentage to fed into RRD host="" cnt=6 file="/tmp/ping.txt" ping -c $cnt $host > $file line=`grep "packet loss" $file` line1=`echo $line | cut -d" " -f7` loss=`basename $line1 %` echo $loss #END Suggested Modification Use low byte like 1byte data while pinging. If RTO occurs then it will take long time to execute script so better use less time to wait. Insted of ping use fping

Has Digg gone mad?

Has Digg gone mad or is it me? I tried logging on Digg but it said the password is not matching. I tried with all the passwords I have ever used in my life but couldn't succeed on logging. So I tried to reset the password using the password reminder. I put my email there and surprisingly it said it doesn't have any user with that email. I tried few time and also with all my Hotmail, Yahoomail, Gmail emails. No, nothing worked so I tried to create a new account under the same email address and oops! It says an account with that email already exists. Tried again NO! I copied the email and pasted it in password reminder form and it says there isn't any account with that email. Wow, The same email address when used in the password reminder says account doesn't exists and the same email address when used to create a new account says account already exists!!! Has Digg gone mad or is it me? P.S. I tried with and they said that my account was banned. Couldn'

OpenGEU 7.10 Luna Nuova

The power and flexibility of Ubuntu and Gnome. The magnificence and beauty of E17. Perfect and fast even for a Virtual Machine. Finally a fully functional Enlightenment Desktop. OpenGEU: when a Gnome reaches Enlightenment. Click here

> /dev/null 2>&1

Seen this? You will ask either of the following question: 1) What is it? 2) I know it is input/output redirection but how is it working? Now the answer for both of you. In *nix world STDIN , STDOUT , STDERR are three common things that you must know. Standard Input i.e. STDIN or 0 is something like keyboard. Standard Output i.e. STDOUT or 1 is something like Monitor Standard Error i.e. STDERR or 2 is something like ERROR You can manipulate them. For eg, Instead of typing from keyboard you can input from other medium using input redirection. Like print < /file Instead of displaying to monitor you can output to other medium using output redirection. Like echo something > /otherfile You can use >> to append Instead of displaying error to standard error you can use error redirection. Like cat somefile 2> /dev/null cat somefile 2> /somefile Here /dev/null is something like dustbin. If you don't want your error to be seen then simply redirect it to the dustbin.

Select pattern in Nautilus

We all know that OS other than Microsoft is for productivity. Just take a case in point, today I used a data recovery software to recover data from my friend's hard disk. Well the recovery went smoothly and produced around 100 folders scattering my home folder. If it had been Windows then it would have been a pain in *** to select all those folder manually. But Windows users are habituated with it, so they wont notice that they are wasting their time in something we Linux or Mac users do in few clicks. Go to Edit Click select pattern Type the pattern that you would do with ls or cmd command. I had to select all the folders that begin with recup and having extension 01,02. So I type recup* and Bingo all the recovered folders were selected. I look at its size, tar them and send it to my friend.

screen and graphics in Hardy

If you have upgraded to Hardy then you must be wondering where is Screen and Graphics option. You may want it for certain reason or you may want it to setup your monitor or display driver or graphics driver in ubuntu. In some caseses you may want it to see your currents driver. If its so then you can enable screen and graphics option in Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy by 1)Right click your Main Menu 2)Edit Menus 3)Others 4)Check Screen and graphics After doing so you can find it on other submenu of the Main Menu. Alternatively you can run it by typing gksu displayconfig-gtk in Run application box(ALT+F2)

view windows remote desktop from ubuntu

Softwares like VNC works great but once in a while you encounter problems like not being able to pass ALT+CTRL+DEL to windows remote machine to bring login dialog box. Also Windows doesn't comes installed with it. Instead it comes with handy utility remote desktop. So how can you use remote desktop of windows from your Linux machine? Well the answer is simple. Press ALT+F2 type rdesktop windows_client_ip Its very nice and small utility.

Compiz and Windows Rules

Compiz is very popular for its fancy graphical effects. But there is another very useful feature in Compiz. It lets you put window on top, skip taskbar, skip pager, always below, sticky, non movable, resizeable, minimizable, closabe and so on. You must be telling so whats new you can make window sticky or always on top by right clicking the title bar and selecting always on top. Yes you can but with that you have to do so every time you open the window, with Compiz it is just one shot. For case in point look at my audacious. It automatically starts on the bottom corner and is always on top and I can control my music whenever I want. Go to System, Preferences, Advance Desktop Effect Settings, Window Management and Window Rules. I dont want it on taskbar so Skip Taskbar I dont want it to see on pager nor when Scale(alt+shift+UP) so Skip Pager I always want it on top so Above I want it on all the desktops so Sticky I dont want it to minimize nor do so accidently so Non min