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JSP and JAVA Project For IT Students With Source Code - 2

Exam Management Information System Exam management information system is a technology from where a successful exam can be conducted. This system allows an examiner to create exams by creating questions first or assigning already defined questions. After that an examiner can create examinee and assign the created exam to him or her. The examinee can login with provided login details and give exam in allocated time period. After that the result will be processed and saved permanently in database. This system will be very useful in any place that conducts exam. Such place can be school, college, IT institutes, educational institutes, job hiring and son on. The questions, exam and examinee are all different entity in this system. Thus they can be easily edited, removed or created without depending on another. Hence, removing an exam won't remove already defined questions from the system. Objective of the Study High-speed response for users. Easy to handle and flexible.

JSP and JAVA Project For IT Students With Source Code

Website visitor analyzer Website visitor analyzer is a technology from where a webmaster can see the performance of his website. Website visitor analyzer can be installed in existing or new websites. After that, the software will start monitoring web stats like visitor’s number, country, IP, browser, screen resolution and son on. Website visitor analyzer is analyzing software, runs on web server and tracks the website performance. Any website gets numerous visits which are all unique in terms of IP address, user’s browsers properties like screen resolution and constants like date and time and so on. When a user visits a site, the server can know about all these properties. In addition, the website visitor analyzer also support public viewing of the analysis and allow creation of user who can have limited access to the analysis, i.e. they may be able to see only a particular section of the software. Objectives of the Study To equip graduate students with an integrated se