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Simulate Battery Removal In HTC Desire

Sometimes, specially when using beta ROM, things stuck up and you get BSOD (Black Screen Of Death). That is, nothing happens when you press any button or touch the screen. At such times the only solution is to take out the battery and replace it and the phone will start normally after powering up. But pulling out the battery is cumbersome specially when you've used fancy case  to protect your phone. To simulate battery removal or to restart the phone press and hold Power , Volume down and Trackpad button for 1, 2 seconds. The phone will restart and power up normally. Please note that this is like restarting your computer by pressing the restart button. This causes unclean shutdown of the phone and may cause data loss. Hence, only use this method when you really have to, i.e. instead of pulling out the battery.

Sort Files According To Their Size

With few basic commands in Linux box, we can generate a report of files according to ascending or descending order of their size. Let's start by displaying all the files from a folder: find ~/testFolder -type -f  To get their size lets pass each file to du command: find ~/testFolder -type -f -exec du -s {} \; Now lets sort them according to their size in numeric order, taking first column as file size and in reverse order: find ~/testFolder -type -f -exec du -s {} \; | sort -k1nr Let's save the output to a file size.txt: find ~/testFolder -type -f -exec du -s {} \; | sort -k1nr > ~/size.txt 

ICS HTC Desire

I'm using HTC Desire for past two years. All these times I stuck with stock images. There were some minor inconveniences though. Some of them being in call volume being too low and while taking phone out of pocket to answer a call, the phone would automatically slide and reject the call. So day before yesterday, I changed my G+ status, "Bye bye Gingerbread, hello Ice cream sandwich". To cut not that long story short, I've been using Ice cream sandwich on HTC Desire from last couple of days. My reaction so far: Its smooth. Its kind of slow but not that much. I'm using a2sd with class 2 SD card so most of the slowness is due to my SD card. In call volume is very loud and clear. In fact I've to drop down the volume slider. I can use track pad to wake the phone. (Much needed) I miss some of the HTC's widget like Weather and HTC's dialer. I was surprised that Android's clock does not come with handy utilities like timer and stop watch.

Acer Aspire 4930 - 4930G Series Service Manual

Do you have problem with your laptop and it needs repair? If it is simple repair like keyboard replacement, adding RAM and so on and your laptop falls under the category Acer Aspire 4930 - 4930G series then you can use this manual. The clearly illustrated manual from Acer covers the following parts: System Specifications Features System Block Diagram Your Acer Notebook tour Front View Closed Front View Left View Right View Rear View Bottom View Indicators Easy-Launch Buttons Touch Pad Basics (with fingerprint reader) Using the Keyboard Lock Keys and embedded numeric keypad Windows Keys Hot Keys Special Key Acer Empowering Technology Empowering Technology password Acer eNet Management Acer ePower Management Acer eAudio Management Acer ePresentation Management Acer eDataSecurity Management (for selected models) Acer eLock Management Acer eRecovery Management Acer eSettings Management Windows Mobility Center Using the System Utilities Acer GridVista (du

Word With Random Character Generator In C [Random Word Generator]

I'm in extreme broken stage and need to crack neighbor's WiFi to get Internet at home. Unfortunately there are only few APs that I can see from home and all of them are protected with WPA or WPA2. I'm using aircrack suite to do the cracking and have managed to capture handshake packets. Now the problem I'm having is cracking the key. Dictionary based attack isn't successful due to following characteristics of key phrases: Using of name and address from Nepali origin which naturally won't exists in dictionary Mixing English and Nepali words which is very common in my culture Clever key phrases which may consists of numbers and combination of words Brute forcing isn't feasible. It will take ages with my crappy laptop. So I'm trying to brute force by generating random words. First I tried with bash . The algorithm along with bash was miserable with only generating around 20-30 words per seconds. So today I wrote a similar program in C that gene

Hide Media Or Folder From Gallery In Android

In Android, apps like Gallery and Music Player will automatically add all the medias that are in your phone. Though this is a wonderful feature sometimes this can cause problem. For eg: I used one program to download some podcast. All the images that this program downloaded are now also visible in Gallery.  This isn't what I want. I don't want to see some tiny unrelated web images downloaded by podcast app in Gallery. In a way this is developers fault. This can be easily prevented by creating a .nomedia  file. If there is a file called .nomedia  in any folders, then any app that auto scans for media will ignore that media. So the developers of app that puts media in you SD card, where the media shouldn't pop up in apps like Gallery need to create .nomedia  file in that folder. If the developer hasn't done so. We can easily create it. We can use any file manager program like ES File Explorer or Astro File Manager . With such program navigate to the folder and choo