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gnome applet in xfce

Want to add your favorite Gnome-applet like search bar or Tomboy notes in XFCE? Its pretty simple. Open terminal -> xterm type -> sudo apt-get install xfce4-xfapplet-plugin Now right click your panel Click Add Item You will see a new option xfApplet. Click it. Now from the new dialog box choose the required gnome applet. Enjoy!

Blocking Pornography

Blocking pornography or any other sites in a single computer or in the whole network is just a matter of a single click. You can use DNS server and choose option to block the sites you want. Go to Sign up for a free account Go to network and add you IP address or the network address. Go to settings. Under filtering there is option to block adult sites. You can use whitelist to make sure that some sites never gets blocked. You can block any domain too. Also it prevents you from phishing attack. After finishing setting up with, use their DNS servers and You can use it in routers to block sites in the whole network, or if you have your own DNS or Proxy server then use the above IP to block on the whole network. The downside is if the clients enters the IP address directly then it wont work. For rest, Make your network safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. It's free.

Squid Access.log Meaning Explained

Squid access log is very informative if you know how to dig something out of it. Following is an a line from access.log file. 1201172176.719 1190 TCP_MISS/200 529 GET - DIRECT/ application/xml This line can be written as: Timestamp, Total time, Source, Action/Code, Size, Method, URL, Ident, Hierarchy/From, Content type 1: Timestamp Time when the request was completed. 2: Total time Total time taken to complete the request 3: Source IP address of the client 4: Action/Code Action taken for the request 5: Size Total size of the request in bytes 6: Method Whether the request was GET or POST 7: URL The actual request 8: Ident Usually - 9: Hierarchy/From How the object is fetched and from where 10: Content type Type of object Action "TCP_" refers to requests on the HTTP port (3128) TCP_HIT A valid copy of the requested object was in the cache. TCP_MISS The requested object was not in the cache.

Downloading from Rapidshare using wget

You can use wget to download from rapidshare using premium account. Before downloading you need to get the cookie. wget --save-cookies ~/.cookies/rapidshare --post-data "login= USERNAME &password= PASSWORD " -O - > /dev/null The command is one line and -O - is capital alphabet O. This puts your cookie under .cookies folder under your home directory with the name rapidshare. Now whenever you need to download anything just enter wget -c --load-cookies ~/.cookies/rapidshare

Remove Squid footer completely

You can remove footer from squid error pages. Removing the version number from the footer is very easy. In squid.conf enable httpd_suppress_version_string But what if you want to remove the whole message. Generated Thu, 08 Jun 2000 06:58:30 GMT by (Squid/2.3.STABLE1) There is no configuration available to remove it but you can always edit the source file for that. Don't worry its very easy. Easy because its really easy. Just follow the following steps: Go to squid source. /usr/src/squid/src Backup the existing file errorpage.c cp ./errorpage.c ./errorpage.c.bkp Remove errorpage.o rm errorpage.o Edit the file errorpage.c vim errorpage.c { ERR_SQUID_SIGNATURE, "\n<\BR clear=\"all\">\n" "<\HR noshade size=\"1px\">\n" " \n" "Generated %T by %h (%s)\n" " \n" "<\/BODY><\/HTML>\n" } Remove the line "Generat

Handwriting in Messenger

Do you want to write by your hand while you IM?? Just like below?? I use AMSN so I'll tell you how to do it on AMSN. If you use other IM clients then either change to AMSN or Google to how to do it on them. I'm sure there are many tips lying out there. Open AMSN Open Account Goto Select Plugins Select Inkdraw and click load. If you cant find Inkdraw there you can find it and lots of others plugins here . Now in conversation windows, you will find an Icon for Inkdraw. Happy messaging.