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Change Dim Display When Idle Time

Ubuntu automatically makes your display dim when you are idle for 30 seconds. Yes this saves battery life but for me 30 seconds is really annoying. And the good thing is this default value can be easily changed from gconf-editor . Press ALT+F2 Enter gconf-editor In gconf-editor browse to apps > gnome-power-manager > backlight > idle_dim_time Hit enter Change the integer value in seconds. That's it.

Book for the weekend

Subject: Python Description: Programming BOOk: Dive Into Python Dive Into Python is a Python book for experienced programmers. Download it in various format and language from And yes its free...............

Game Of The Day - Sauerbraten

Sauerbraten, its single/multi player, its fps and its free. Install it by sudo aptitude install sauerbraten

create /dev/null

Are you getting /dev/null: Permission denied error in terminal ? Chances are you accidentally deleted /dev/null or something happened that you are unaware of. But no worries you can make /dev/null again by following the mentioned steps and get rid of the problem. First go to terminal sudo rm /dev/null sudo mknod -m 0666 /dev/null c 1 3 And this should solve the problem.

Linux Guru Tip No 1

Never use relative path while you use rm command. Always use absolute path. There are many cases while people do sudo rm -rf ./ and accidentally run the command again from history after changing their working directory. Absolute path ends as you delete the folder while relative path exists on basis of where your working directory is.