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Adobe Stand Alone Flash Player for Linux

Adobe stand alone flash player for Linux is available. Most of us only need flash plugin for browser to view swf. But sometimes we or most of the times developer wishes for the availability of stand alone flash player for Linux. Stand alone flash player means that you don't need anything to run swf other than the player itself. Yes, you don't need browser or any media player. Get it from or download the version 10 directly from Not only that you can create self running binaries from the stand alone player.

When ubuntu was created

I was going through an article and found one interesting piece of information presented below. When Ubuntu was created back in 2004, Mark Shuttleworth recorded the very first bug in the online database. However, it wasn’t about software. Instead, it was a revolutionary call to arms. It read as follows: “Microsoft has a majority market share in the new desktop PC marketplace. This is a bug, which Ubuntu is designed to fix”. You can read it yourself here,

Hibernate from Terminal

Q. How do I hibernate from terminal or command line? A. Run 'sudo /etc/acpi/'

switch compiz with command

You can easily switch compiz on and off with simple command. To switch compiz off, press ALT+F2 and type without quotes "metacity --replace" To switch compiz on, press ALT+F2 and type without quotes "compiz --replace" If you want graphical option then install fusion-icon. Go to System->Administrations->Synaptic Package Manager and install "fusion-icon" Now you can click fusion-icon from Accessories to turn compiz on and off. For ease add it as a launcher.

aptitude and apt-get tutorial

This is a very nice tutorial on aptitude and apt-get. Link