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Breaking Up With Ubuntu

After using exclusively for more than seven years, I'm breaking up with Ubuntu. I got a new laptop, turned it on, got rid of Windows, installed Ubuntu and fast forward a week I'm still struggling to set up the video driver and audio driver. My clients are tired of waiting for my computer to get fixed, emails have started to pile up, and at this moment I remember the statistics of Linxu being popular among college students only. I've listed several bugs here which have been haunting me, but none of these is the reason for giving up on Ubuntu. Every software has some bug and, with time they will get fixed along with welcoming new ones. I'm giving up on Ubuntu because of the change in vision of Canonical. They are trying to do everything that any other big companies are doing, Ubuntu one, Ubunt Phone, Ubuntu tablet etc. This is fine, but you need to have a solid foundation beforehand you start experimenting with other products. Ubuntu on a desktop is not perfec