Minimize Xchat To Tray In Karmic

I did fresh install of Karmic Koala as I wanted to use ext4 filesystem. I used 64 bit version. So far I have found it very nice and responsive.

One strange problem I found with xchat was, instead of minimizing to tray, xchat was closing itself. I tried preferences menu to no avail.

After bit googling the solution was simple. After your xchat starts run the following command:
/set gui_tray_flags 1
Better Way:
  1. Go to Settings->Preferences in Xchat Menu
  2. Go to Alerts under Chatting
  3. Uncheck "Enable system tray icon"
  4. Press Ok
  5. Repeat step 1-4 but this time check "Enable system tray icon"
  6. Now close Xchat
  7. It will ask if you want to close or mimize to tray
  8. Select " Mimize to tray"


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