Use Ssh Tunnel For Internet Browsing

You can use your ssh account to browse with following advantages:
  1. Anonymise your browsing (not 100% because of DNS)
    Your internet traffic will go to  your ssh server where it will request page as if the server is browsing and finally deliver to you.

  2. Use bandwidth of remote network
    Many ISPs cap only international bandwidth. Atleast in my place. So I can ssh to remote server which has high bandwidth than mine.

  3. and may be few others that I can't remember atm.
    Can you help me ?
Now to do high five browsing from ssh tunnel:
  1. Open you terminal and type:
    ssh -C2TnN -D 8080 username@host
  2. Now Open you browser and setup the proxy as
    • Manual Proxy Configuration
    • SOCKS host:
    • Port: 8080
    • SOCKS v5

  3. Now all your internet traffic will go through your ssh tunnel.
  4. You can also use Multi Proxy firefox addon to easily switch proxies.


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