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Website visitor analyzer

Website visitor analyzer is a technology from where a webmaster can see the performance of his website. Website visitor analyzer can be installed in existing or new websites. After that, the software will start monitoring web stats like visitor’s number, country, IP, browser, screen resolution and son on. Website visitor analyzer is analyzing software, runs on web server and tracks the website performance.

Any website gets numerous visits which are all unique in terms of IP address, user’s browsers properties like screen resolution and constants like date and time and so on. When a user visits a site, the server can know about all these properties.
In addition, the website visitor analyzer also support public viewing of the analysis and allow creation of user who can have limited access to the analysis, i.e. they may be able to see only a particular section of the software.

Objectives of the Study

  1. To equip graduate students with an integrated set of skills that will allow them
  2. To develop their professional careers in this area of information technology.
  3. To equip students with theoretical and practical that is necessary to enable them to
  4. Participate in the design of complex web applications. 
  5. The program also prepares students to embrace future developments in the field and has a demonstrated professional relevance.
  6. The program helps the students to acquire the latest skills and build their future
  7. Capabilities using world-class technology. At the end of this program the student will
  8. Posses' strong foundation of computer system and information technology.
  9. Dexterity in advance programming languages, power to build sophisticated software
  10. For wide area of applications.
  11. Skills to work with higher end applications in internet technologies; also managerial
  12. Ability to analyze, design, develop and to maintain software development

Core-Objectives of the Projects

  1. High-speed response for users.
  2. Easy to handle and flexible.
  3. Cost reduction.
  4. Fast and convenient.
  5. High accuracy and saving.

Drawbacks of existing system

  1. Most of the system tracks your website on their server. So if you want complete anonymity you are out of luck.
  2. If the server tracking your site goes down, you will miss some visitors in the record. However if it’s in your system, the software will also be down when your website is down.
  3. Create multiple accounts with particular sets of permission. i.e. view only particular data.
  4. Ability to make certain part of the data public. So you can record all the data for your viewing, give access to only some part of the data for other users viewing and also give access to only other part of the data for public viewing.
  5. Option to disable the logging of IP address for privacy and legal reason.
  6. Option to hide IP address to certain users for privacy and legal reason.
  7. Both the website and tracker will be on the same network.
  8. If the 3rd party site or the tracking code is hacked your site will also be affected. So with this software you are not dependent on 3rd party for your sites safety.
  9. Generally, the 3rd party tracking code displays advertisement of their own. Obviously you don't want other's advertisement to appear on your site.
  10. The tracking code from 3rd party site can use your site to make their site better in terms of search engine
  11. Regarding above circumferences Web Visitor Analyzer is inspired to study and included in university project work. 

Proposed System

Today the world is about website and keeping your visitors within it. To do that, webmaster uses a tool to monitor the visitor’s behavior and response to change. Webmasters uses the report from that tool to show to advertisers and website owners.

By developing the system we can attain the following facilities:

Authentication: The software will be only accessed with person having administrator login access. Furthermore the administrator can create login with full access to the software or limited access. Also he can make certain or full part of the analysis available for public viewing.

Reporting:  The analysis of the website visitors or the report can be seen according to a time stamp like daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. Also the data can be exported to pdf for easy viewing or sharing.

404 Tracker:  The software features a unique feature called “404 tracker” from which you can track any broken links.

Privacy: The software features option to enable or disable the record of IP address. Also you can hide the IP address for only certain user.

Web Software: AS the software is web software, the users of it only needs a browser to use it. No need to install any hunky funky software.

Easy UI: The software has very simple and easy to use user interface.

Module Description

  • Module-1: Authentication and Authorization Module
  • Module-2: Tracking
  • Module-3: Analyzing
  • Module-4: User Management
  • Module-5: System
Authentication and Authorization Module
This module will deal with the users logging in the software. If the login is successful then the user will be given permission according to the rights defined. Basically he is administrator he will have full rights and can also define permission for other and also create other users. If its normal user he may be able to see all the section or only a limited section like only the visitors from which country and which browser. Also he may or may not be able to view the IP address. If public viewing is enabled, the user doesn't need to log on. He then can see the defined section of the site.

This will deal with tracking of the visitors. By running some client side script and some server side script, it will track the visitors IP address, country, operating system, traffic source, popular pages, browser, JavaScript capability, screen resolution, time of visit and so on.

This module will analyze the data collected by the tracker and present it to user. This module is fully customization from the CSS so that the software and the website's theme match. This module will present the information in the form of line graph, bar chart, pie chart and table. The IP address will automatically mapped to the Country. The analysis can be viewed in a time range, namely daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and custom range.

User Management
From this module new users can be created/deleted/disabled, the permission to view section of the software be edited, option to show the IP address can be changed. Public viewing can be controlled from here. Adding/removing permission to view section of the software can be also controlled from here.

From this module we can configure whether we want our software to record IP address or not. If recording IP address is disabled from here, “****” will be recorded as the user's IP address. Also this module is responsible for the backup of the database.

Future enhancements

This “Website Visitor Analyzer” is being developed according to the analysis and studies done. This program could be very much useful to uncover the problems faced with the current website/visitor tracking software, mainly to maintain privacy.

According to my analysis with various websites, I have generated an analysis report and according to which I'll carry on my entire project in the future too. The management analysis, feasibility studies like economic feasibility/ system feasibility/ operational feasibility etc, are all analyzed very well. According to all those studies and analysis I am submitting this proposal and I want to have your permission to start my project.

Side by side, I will also try to upgrade the features as far as possible and is feasible. Some of the advanced features are planned to include while many others has to be omitted when those advanced features may override my feasibility studies. Many of the shops are still not prepared to use those features.

Some of the advanced featured that can be added in my project, i.e. the future scopes of the project are:
  1. Add option to monitor various sites from a single installation.
  2. Generating report in various formats including weekly email.
  3. Option to exclude some IP from tracking
  4. Option to track only on certain condition
  5. Tracking of user defined variables
  6. Comparison of data between two time ranges
  7. Combine tracking of dynamic page, i.e. show the output of same dynamic page


WVA is a solution to make any website stand out in mass. WVA helps you to identify visitors of the site and their properties. It also helps you to identify potential visitors. It helps you to communicate your site’s report to any users with limited permissions. It wont’ be difficult to show the website’s visitors number only to the advertising partner or show only the browser share to some organization.
To stand out among millions of website, the webmaster must be equipped with tools and WVA is one of that tool.


Source code


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