Essential adb Command Examples

Copy file to your Android device from your computer
adb push    - copy file/dir to device
example: adb push c:\mygame.apk /sdcard

Copy file from your Android device to your computer
adb pull    - copy file/dir from device
example: adb pull /sdcard/mymovie.avi c:\downloads

Install app from your computer to your Android device
adb install [-r] [-s] - push this package file to the device and install it
                                 ('-r' means reinstall the app, keeping its data)
                                 ('-s' means install on SD card instead of internal storage)
example: adb install c:\mygame.apk

Uninstall an app from your Android device
adb uninstall [-k] - remove this app package from the device

                                 ('-k' means keep the data and cache directories)
example: adb uninstall com.example.mygame


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