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I'm using HTC Desire for past two years. All these times I stuck with stock images. There were some minor inconveniences though. Some of them being in call volume being too low and while taking phone out of pocket to answer a call, the phone would automatically slide and reject the call.

So day before yesterday, I changed my G+ status, "Bye bye Gingerbread, hello Ice cream sandwich".

To cut not that long story short, I've been using Ice cream sandwich on HTC Desire from last couple of days. My reaction so far:
  1. Its smooth.
  2. Its kind of slow but not that much. I'm using a2sd with class 2 SD card so most of the slowness is due to my SD card.
  3. In call volume is very loud and clear. In fact I've to drop down the volume slider.
  4. I can use track pad to wake the phone. (Much needed)
  5. I miss some of the HTC's widget like Weather and HTC's dialer.
  6. I was surprised that Android's clock does not come with handy utilities like timer and stop watch.
  7. There are few things that are not working but the ROM is still in beta with active development. Some of the not working things are:
    1. Camera preview is not working but its already fixed in new ROM.
    2. USB tethering is not working.
    3. Full HWA is working but is somewhat buggy. I'm not 100% sure on this and have copied this line from the developer website.
    4. Auto brightness is not working very much for me.
OK, so if you also want to install ICS on your phone then you need to first root it and install clockworkmod recovery. For that you can view my earlier post.

After this visit the developer website at, http://www.sandvold.as/index.htm. From there download the latest build and keep it in your SD card. Now boot in to recovery by powering up your phone while holding the volume down key. In recovery if you want, you may backup your current state of the phone. After that, from recovery it self, wipe everything you can see. Finally, choose the option Install zip and choose the zip file you kept on SD card.

Please note that, first boot may take time.


  1. hi, if i install ICS from a gingerbread, and i dont like it i can i revert back to gingerbread. i have rooted & updated my phone using ur tutorial.

    1. Of course. Once you are rooted and have installed custom recovery you can switch OS very easily. Just make nandroid backup and restore as you like.


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