Acer Aspire 4930 - 4930G Series Service Manual

Do you have problem with your laptop and it needs repair? If it is simple repair like keyboard replacement, adding RAM and so on and your laptop falls under the category Acer Aspire 4930 - 4930G series then you can use this manual.

The clearly illustrated manual from Acer covers the following parts:

System Specifications
System Block Diagram
Your Acer Notebook tour
Front View
Closed Front View
Left View
Right View
Rear View
Bottom View
Easy-Launch Buttons
Touch Pad Basics (with fingerprint reader)
Using the Keyboard
Lock Keys and embedded numeric keypad
Windows Keys
Hot Keys
Special Key
Acer Empowering Technology
Empowering Technology password
Acer eNet Management
Acer ePower Management
Acer eAudio Management
Acer ePresentation Management
Acer eDataSecurity Management (for selected models)
Acer eLock Management
Acer eRecovery Management
Acer eSettings Management
Windows Mobility Center
Using the System Utilities
Acer GridVista (dual-display compatible)
Launch Manager
Norton Internet Security
Hardware Specifications and Configurations
System Utilities
BIOS Setup Utility
Navigating the BIOS Utility
BIOS Flash Utility
Remove HDD/BIOS Utility
Machine Disassembly and Replacement
Disassembly Requirements
General Information
Pre-disassembly Instructions
Disassembly Process
External Module Disassembly Process
External Modules Disassembly Flowchart
Removing the Battery Pack
Removing the SD dummy card
Removing the ExpressCard dummy card
Removing the Lower Covers
Removing the DIMM Module
Removing the WLAN Board Module
Removing the Hard Disk Drive Module
Removing the Optical Drive Module
Main Unit Disassembly Process
Main Unit Disassembly Flowchart
Removing the Switch Cover
Removing the Keyboard
Removing the Antenna
Removing the LCD Module
Removing the Upper Cover
Removing the Touch Pad Bracket
Removing the Finger Print Reader
Removing the Launch Board
Removing the Speaker Module
Removing the Switch Board
Removing the Touch Pad Board
Removing the I/O Board
Removing the Bluetooth board
Removing the Modem Module
Removing the Main Board
Removing the Thermal Module
Removing the CPU
Removing the CPU Fan
Removing the HDMI Module
LCD Module Disassembly Process
LCD Module Disassembly Flowchart
Removing the LCD Bezel
Removing the Inverter Board
Removing the Camera Module
Removing the LCD Panel
Removing the LCD Brackets and FPC Cable
Removing the Antennas
Removing the MIC Module
LCM Module Reassembly Procedure
Replacing the LCD Panel
Replacing the LCM Bezel
Main Module Reassembly Procedure
Replacing the CPU
Replacing the Thermal Module
Replacing the CPU Fan Module
Replacing the HDMI Module
Replacing the Mainboard
Replacing the I/O Board
Replacing the Bluetooth Board
Replacing the Modem Module
Replacing the Finger Print Reader
Replacing the Touch Pad
Replacing the Launch Board
Replacing the Switch Board
Replacing the Antenna Cables
Replacing the Speaker Module
Replacing the Keyboard
Replacing the Switch Cover
Replacing the WLAN Module
Replacing the Hard Disk Drive Module
Replacing the DIMM Modules
Replacing the ODD Module
Replacing the Lower Covers
Replacing the Express and SD Card Trays
Common Problems
Power On Issue
No Display Issue
Random Loss of BIOS Settings
LCD Failure
Built-In Keyboard Failure
Touch Pad Failure
Internal Speaker Failure
Internal Microphone Failure
HDD Not Operating Correctly
ODD Failure
USB Failure (Rightside)
Modem Function Failure
Wireless Function Failure
EasyTouch Button Failure
MediaTouch Button Failure
Fingerprint Reader Failure
Thermal Unit Failure
HDTV Switch Failure
External Mouse Failure
Other Failures
Intermittent Problems
Undetermined Problems
Jumper and Connector Locations
Top View
Bottom View
Clearing Password Check and BIOS Recovery
Clearing Password Check
BIOS Recovery by Crisis Disk
FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) List
Aspire 4930 Exploded Diagram
Model Definition and Configuration
Aspire 4930 Series
Test Compatible Components
Microsoft® Windows® Vista Environment Test
Online Support Information


  1. This service manual is really helpful for the users of Acer Aspire 4930-4930G Series users and also shows good customer service of Acer...Thanks


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