[Solved] invalid partition table on /dev/sda -- wrong signature 0.

I was trying to use Disk Utility program to edit some partition in my system. But I got a strange error message "invalid partition table on /dev/sda -- wrong signature 0." and couldn't proceed. So I tried with gparted(Gnome Partition Editor). The result wasn't any different.

Today while clean installing Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot, the installer said that there was no partition in my disk. While trying live CD, I could find all the partition and read data.

If you also encounter any of the above problem, simple run fdisk by sudo fdisk /dev/sda press p and then press w. You'll see a message "The partition table has been altered!".

Now try running the partition editor or the installer again.


  1. That's wrk for me.

    Miguel, Spain

  2. This work perfectly for me!!!

    Very thanks!!!!

  3. !! It erased my partition table..
    I'll have to restore from my acronis backup

  4. well obviously it erased the partition table. That is sort of the point.

    Worked for me. Good job

  5. awesome, ty for this nice tip, will pin it somewere

  6. For me, it didn't wipe the partition table but rather seemed to recreate it. At least, I didn't need to redefine each partition afterwards, yet it fixed the "wrong signature 0" error I was getting in parted.

  7. fantastic. worked perfectly. now all partitions show in gparted and able to reinstall ubuntu again thank you

  8. great for me too... i had this problem after moving a windows xp partition

  9. For either!! Thanks man! Great advise!

  10. thank you very very much dude !


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