[Solved] Natty Overlay Scrollbars Problem In Eclipse

The overlay scrollbars that comes with Natty is liked by many including Apple. But today while I was using Eclipse for some Android development I found out that the scrollbars doesn't work properly.  Though I can see the lines at the edge the up and down scrubber wouldn't pop up.

I managed vertical scrolling with mouse wheel but there was no way to do horizontal scrolling unless I was with touch pad.

After Googling I came up with two fix.
  1. Disable the overlay scrollbars and use the old traditional scrollbars
  2. Remove the fix for bug #458703 and use the overlay scrollbars
So if you want to disable the overlay scrollbars and use the old traditional scrollbars, do as follows:
  1. sudo vi /usr/bin/eclipse
  2. Add the following two lines in the file. Preferrably after line 8 i.e. before line that says "ECLIPSE=/usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse"

  3. Now if you restart eclipse you should see the old scroll bars.
But if you want to use the overlay scrollbars, instead of adding those line in that file, open that file and comment out the line that says "export GDK_NATIVE_WINDOWS=true". You can comment out by adding "#" in front of the line. So the line should look:
Save the file and restart eclipse. The overlay scrollbars should work fine now.


  1. Eclipse version up from software center is the old galileo's one. Grab and install the last version from eclispe offical site: will (should) work with Natty's scrollbars.

  2. Thank you for the information


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