Lenovo Y510 Hinge Problem

In conclusion: Think twice thrice as much as you can before you buy any Lenovo Product.

Its not that Lenovo builds bad product. I am using Lenovo Y510 since last three years or so. It has great sound, is very strong and overall its very good. But unfortunately there is a design flaw with some Lenovo Ideapad series specially Y510.

The hinge in Y510 are so strong that after some span of time the plastics base in which the hinge is mounted starts to break.

Take a look at pictures of one user's Y510.

OK, shit happens, has happened with many company. Only different thing is Lenovo here didn't stand by its product.

There is already 63 pages long forum post on Lenovo's official forum filled with people complaining about the product. Some lucky users got chance to fix it for free. But Lenovo never acknowledged the problem, never did recall nor informed its users that they are fixing it for free.

Most astonishing thing is even though the forum is already filled with 63 pages of complain, the support people at Lenovo customer service don't know anything about it or just acting up.

Some of Lenovo's faithful users were made to pay almost the laptop's cost to get it fixed, some were forced to spend hours and hours on phone. Mark from Lenovo Forum tried to help unofficially but what can one do when the company itself is not backing its product.


  1. hi,

    I have a y510 too and I have had it for a while now, and im pretty sure the warranty has expired. I never ever moved my laptop from my desk and maintained it really well. Now I find out last week that the hinge is entirely cracked and the screen is starting to become seperated from it like your pictures. Please help me as to what I should do about this matter. I am definitely going to try calling them. What is your input on this

  2. I've been following most of the discussion on this topic as I myself am a victim.

    Based on the other user's response, I recommend you the followings:

    - The first level of support will always come up with pre-determined answer.
    - Try to get the highest escalation of support. Ask if you can talk to supervisor/manager.
    - You may have to tell the higher level staff that you may sue them.
    - Keep calling them.

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