Installing Parallels Plesk Panel On Debian Lenny

I asume that you have a clean Debian system with only ssh server installed.

Login to your server

If you have not logged in as root, change to root:

Download Plesk autoinstaller:

Set execute permission on the file you downloaded:
#chmod +x parallels_installer_v3.6.0_build100407.15_os_Debian_5.0_x86_64

Run the Plesk installer:
Read the messange and press 'n' and 'Enter' to move forward

Choose official Paralels Plesk Panel Update Server as source
(This is the default selection)
Similarly continue with the default and recommended selection.

After installation completes you will be dropped back to your shell.
Now use the web interface to do one time configuration.

Open browser on your computer(Not your Debian server)
Open https://server-ip-address:8443

Your default user name is 'admin' and password is 'setup'
Enter that in the login page

Accept the license agreement in the next page. Also select 'Do not show it again'.

Now on this page,

  • Set your hostname without 'www' prefix. Forexample
  • Set your default IP address
  • Change default password
  • Click 'OK' to go to next page
  • Fill the contact information
  • Go to home->Domains
  • Click create Domain
  • Enter your domain name and also check the box for 'www'
  • Select the IP address of your choice.
  • Choose Default Template
  • Select Web site hosting option
  • Choose a user name and password for managing this domain
  • Click Next
  • Choose a username for FTP user and give it a password different to your other password. (FTP uses clear text password so it is best to use non regular password in any FTP server you use untill and unless its SFTP server i.e. Secure FTP server)
  • Select the necessary quota you want
  • Under web statistics choose web statistics of your choice. Basically it allow you to see your web site visitors record
  • Click Next
  • Choose overuse policy as per requirement
  • Under Expiration date choose as per requirement
  • Click Finish.

Click 'OK'

One time initial configuration is complete.

Now you'll reach Control Panel from where you can manager your overall system.
You can come here any time by opening https://yourserver:8843 in your browser.

For example we'll create one domain for web hosting with ftp support.

Thats it. Now test your domain by opening the website in a browser. The plesk page should come. Now upload your files from ftp and your site is ready.


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