Volume And Battery Icon Missing In Lucid

I had removed "Envelop" from panel in Karmic. After upgrading to Lucid, my volume  and battery icons were no where to be seen.

Turns out there are indicator-message, indicator-sound, indicator-application and indicator applet which hosts various programs.

Indicator message is responsible for hosting Empathy, Pidgin and Evolution. I don't need this.
Indicator Sound is responsible for volume icon. I do need this back.

So the solution was to remove indicator-message. (Only if you don't want the 'Envelop')
sudo aptitude remove indicator-message
Be careful that you remove only indicator-message.

Now right click your panel and click add to panel. Search for Indicator Applet and add it.


  1. Thanks! I upgraded from 9.04 to 10.04 and suddenly my volume button was gone. I couldn't figure out how to add it back until I found your post. I didn't have to remove indicator-message, though.

  2. Hi, you only have to remove it if you don't want the Envelop with Evolution and Empathy. I have udpated the post. Thanks.

  3. i was unable to get the sound icon, it didnt snow on the indicator applet either.

    managed to get it with the following command

    sudo apt-get remove indicator-sound
    sudo apt-get install indicator-sound


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