Change Both Real Name and User Name

Q. I have one user account. I want to use the same account but under different login. I also want to change the real name of that account. How can I do so ?

A. We use the help of the command usermod .
  • Completely logout from the current user. i.e. the user you want to change. Logout from GUI and virtual console if you have.
  • Login to virtual console as root or as a sudo capable user but not the user you want to change
  • usermod -l new_user_name old_user_name
  • groupmod -n new_user_name old_user_name
  • usermod -d /home/new_user_name -m new_user_name
  • usermod -c “Your full new Real Name” new_user_name
That's it. Now your old user name is changed to new user name including your real name.

In Lucid Lynx, the LTS version of Ubuntu released recently, you can do it graphically from About me and User accounts.


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