Xchat Doesn't Minimize To Tray On Startup

One of the problem I faced after Karmic Koala was Xchat won't minimize to tray i.e the system tray icon wouldn't show, instead Xchat would close. The problem is same on Lucid Beta as well. I had post one solution minimize-xchat-to-tray-in-karmic . But this doesn't work if you have set Xchat on your startup list. Xchat sometimes minimizes to tray and some times not when it is set on startup program list. So I have come up with a solution as below.

In you home directory make a file .xchat_start with following content
sleep 30; xchat
Set execute permission on this file by typing chmod +x .xchat_start in terminal

Now go To Menu->Prererences->Startup Applications
Click Add
Add name Xchat and command /home/user_name/.xhcat there


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