Backup And Restore Ubuntu Linux

I assume that you have a separate home partition.

We are not using any software other than tar to completely backup and restore a Ubuntu Linux box.
We are backing it up on external drive mounted at /media/storage


Open a terminal.
cd /media/storage
(or any other place that you want the backup to be made)
sudo tar cvpzf backup.tgz --exclude=/proc --exclude=/lost+found --exclude=/backup.tgz --exclude=/mnt --exclude=/sys --exclude=/media /
This will take some time and create a file called backup.tgz. This is your whole system backup excluding your home partition as it is safe in a different place.


Open a terminal on the system you want to restore the backup.
cd /media/storage
(After you have plugged in the external drive having the backup file you just made.)
sudo tar xvpfj backup.tar.bz2 -C /
Make the directory you excluded in the backup command.
This concludes a successful restore of your system.


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