Multiple profile in Google Chrome in Ubuntu

I'm talking on basis of Ubuntu. This may or may not work in other OS.
You can use Google Chrome with multiple profile to:
  • Open different email address at once. For eg: open in one window and in another
  • Separate personal stuff and your work stuff
  • Allow your family member to login without you signing out
These are the main reasons I use multiple profile in google-chrome. If you don't want to go through this hassles, you can always open multiple browsers.
For case in point you are browsing and your sister wants to open the same site for quick check, you can either open different browser or open the same browser that has different profile. (or open in private mode too)

Both my favorite browsers Chrome and Firefox supports multiple profile. For now I'll write instructions for Chrome:
  1. Right click your panel, select add to panel and select custom application launcher (if you want to add in panel)
    Right click the menu, select edit menus and click new item (if you want to add to menu)
  2. Fill it as:
    • Type: Application
    • Name: Google Chrome Profile A
    • Command: google-chrome --user-data-dir=/home/userName/.config/google-chrome/newProfile (the text in picture isn't correct)
  3. Click close
  4. Thats it folks.


  1. great post! also works with chromium and to keep profile updated I just copy the profile to dropbox and link it like in your post with one minor modification, like this google-chrome --user-data-dir=/home/userName/dropbox/google-chrome, without newProfile

  2. I had to use chromium-browser instead of google-chrome to get this to work but it works great. Thanks!

  3. pleasure is mine :)

  4. This is also a great tip for web development when testing multiple login types. Thanks!

  5. I love this! I didn't know it was possible. I had started installing a portable chrome version to emulate the same behaviour. This is so much better, thanks!


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