USB Support In VirtualBox

Too often I encounter people having hard time enabling USB support in any version of virtualbox. One main thing that many people don't know is there are two editions of virtualbox
  1. virtualbox
  2. virtualbox-ose
virtualbox-ose or virtualbox open source edition is what all the linux distro installs if installed from package manager. Unlinke virtualbox, virtualbox-ose lacks many feature one of which is usb support.
Remote Display Protocol (RDP) Server and USB over RDP are other two missing features.
Click here for more up to date and detailed list:

You must be clear by now that you need to remove virtualbox-ose and install virtualbox to enable usb support. But remember it is not open source edition.

Now, to enable USB support:
  • Remove virtualbox ose if installed
    • sudo aptitude remove virtualbox-ose
  • Install virtualbox
    • You can install by adding virtualbox PPA. Advantage is you'll always get the updates.
    • Or install it by downloading from here.
  • You might require to run sudo /etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup if guets OS fails to run.
You don't need to reinsatll or reconfigure the guest os.


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