Squid On Windows

Here is a short and simple guide for installing Squid on Windows for those who knows how it works in Linux.
  1. Windows port for Squid is available from Acme Consulting. Grab it from http://squid.acmeconsulting.it/
  2. Unzip it and put it in C drive making the folder structure c:\squid
  3. You'll find squid.conf file in C:\squid\etc\squid.conf
  4. Configure it as per your requirements. (mainly the following)
    1. Your hostname
    2. Dns server
    3. Cache directory
    4. ACL
    5. logrotate
      (make sure that the options you choose are available with the squid you chose by running squid -v)
  5. Create the cache directory by:
    1. Open Command Prompt
    2. Go to C:\squid\sbin
    3. Run squid.exe -D -z
  6. Install the squid service by running squid.exe -i
  7. You can manage squid service from services.msc or using the squid.exe CLI. Unlike Linux you may need to pass "-n Squid" as parameters for few commands.
  8. Set scheduled task to rotate your log.
  9. You may need to use third party software to transparently use this Squid. Until then configure the browsers to use this Squid.


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