Internet Monitoring With SARG and Squid On Windows

SARG aka Squid Analysis Report Generator is a nice little tool that analyses Squid's access.log files and creates a management friendly report along with graph.

This guide is for someone who have already configured SARG on Linux box.
  1. Install Squid on Windows. You can follow this post squid-on-windows
  2. SARG port for windows is available in the SARG website itself SARG. Or download it by clicking here.
  3. Unzip it in C:\sarg
  4. Edit sarg.conf file inside c:\sarg\etc
    1. Edit access_log
    2. graph option
    3. output_dir where your web server can be pointed.
    4. Others that you think is important. This is very simple file with all needed description.
  5. Make your scheduled task to run SARG and rotate Squid log files or restart Squid from services.msc .


  1. what do you mean "rotate Squid"?!!

  2. Oh! by rotate Squid I meant to rotate Squid log files. You can run "squid -k rotate" to do so. I've updated the text above as well.

  3. C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur>C:\sarg\sbin\sarg.exe
    SARG: Records in file: 269842, reading: 100.00%
    SARG: No records found
    SARG: End

  4. sarg is not generating report successfully on my windows server while squid is working correctly.
    sarg error is "unsort - invalid argument"
    any help will be appreciated.thanks


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