Install Firefox 3.5 on OLPC XO

  1. Download Firefox 3.5 from for Linux.
  2. Open your xo
  3. Put the extracted Firefox in /home/olpc/Activities
  4. Rename it to Firefox. activity
  5. Go inside /home/olpc/Activities/Firefox.activity
  6. Make a folder "activity"
  7. Go inside /home/olpc/Activities/Firefox.activity/activity
  8. Make a file with following content
    name = Firefox
    service_name = org.laptop.firefox35
    icon = firefox
    activity_version = 35
    show_launcher = yes
    exec = ./firefox
  9. Put one svg icon for Firefox in /home/olpc/Activities/Firefox.activity/activity with file name firefox.svg
  10. Change the permission of /home/olpc/Activities/Firefox.activity to 755 by running
    chmod -R 755 /home/olpc/Activities/Firefox.activity
  11. Change the owner of the /home/olpc/Activities/Firefox.activity to olpc:olpc by running
    chown -R olpc:olpc /home/olpc/Activities/Firefox.activity
  12. Restart the X server by pressing Alt+Ctrl+Erase
  13. Your Firefox 3.5 is ready though you won't find it in favorite view.
If the toolbars and page content appears too big then follow the steps below:
  1. Open about:config
  2. Edit layout.css.dpi to 96


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