Usb support in Virtual Box

If you are going to use Sun Virtual Box to use USB device in guest OS then you should be aware that the default installation doesn't gives you that option.

If you Google, there are many people offering many suggestion, some working for few people and some not.

Well, I tried the same in Intrepid Ibex Ubuntu Linux, but none of the suggestion worked for me.

So the most simple thing that I did and worked was read the manual and found there are two version of Virtual Box.

You can see the differences between them by going to

Don't do anything with /etc/udev/rules.d/40-permissions.rules, /etc/init.d/ or /etc/fstab.

open /etc/apt/sources.list
add "deb intrepid non-free" to it.
Also I recommend you to add VirtualBox GPG key.

Then update by typing, "sudo aptitude update"

Remove old virtual box if you have installed by "sudo aptitude remove
Install newer virtual box by "sudo aptitude install virtualbox-2.1"

The setup will ask you to add yourself or the VirtualBox user to vboxusers group, do so.

That's it.
Run virtual box and you should see USB settings.


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