Webcam viewer in Ubuntu -Review

Yesterday I got a webcam whose driver doesn't come with Windows. Fearing to search for the driver I plugged it in my USB and lsusb showed the camera.

Quickly I installed three Web camera viewing softwares, camorama, cheese and xawtv.

sudo apt-get install camorama cheese xawtv


Camorama had a small preview windows. I tried to preview in small and large mode but it failed. The adjustments were easy to handle.

It came with quite good effects. The color correction effects produced better picture out of my dual camera. You can compare yourself the above two pictures.

One of the feature of camaroma is auto capturing image.
Other feature includes timestamp while capturing photo. You can even put custom message in place of timestamp.
When its opened, a tray icon also comes but it has no function.


Should I say I like this application or not? It worked properly but I think its UI is very poor.

Instead of saying poor UI you can say its a simple program with simple UI.
You can put your configuration in a file or configure via simple window.

It supports full screen mode and produces good picture too.


I dont know for what reason but cheese takes rougly 3 seconds to produce preview. It also supports both photo capturing and video capturing.

It comes with few effects which you might find useful. Like starting, applying effects also took time.

The captured photo and video are displayed in the main program as a thumbnail. This is very nice and handy feature.


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