Has Digg gone mad?

Has Digg gone mad or is it me?

I tried logging on Digg but it said the password is not matching. I tried with all the passwords I have ever used in my life but couldn't succeed on logging. So I tried to reset the password using the password reminder.

I put my email there and surprisingly it said it doesn't have any user with that email.
I tried few time and also with all my Hotmail, Yahoomail, Gmail emails.
No, nothing worked so I tried to create a new account under the same email address and oops! It says an account with that email already exists.
Tried again NO!

I copied the email and pasted it in password reminder form and it says there isn't any account with that email.

Wow, The same email address when used in the password reminder says account doesn't exists and the same email address when used to create a new account says account already exists!!!

Has Digg gone mad or is it me?

P.S. I tried with support@digg.com and they said that my account was banned. Couldn't they tell me that when I logged in? It just wasted my time and yours while reading this. Indeed Digg has gone mad.


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