Blocking Pornography

Blocking pornography or any other sites in a single computer or in the whole network is just a matter of a single click.

You can use DNS server and choose option to block the sites you want.

Go to
Sign up for a free account
Go to network and add you IP address or the network address.
Go to settings.
Under filtering there is option to block adult sites.
You can use whitelist to make sure that some sites never gets blocked.
You can block any domain too.
Also it prevents you from phishing attack.

After finishing setting up with, use their DNS servers and

You can use it in routers to block sites in the whole network, or if you have your own DNS or Proxy server then use the above IP to block on the whole network.

The downside is if the clients enters the IP address directly then it wont work.

For rest, Make your network safer, faster, smarter and more reliable. It's free.


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