Install Thunderbird 3 In Ubuntu

I am never the fan of mail client. They are difficult to use, slow and ugly.

Mozilla recently released 3rd version of their popular email software, Thunderbird.  As said earlier, I wasn't much excited. Nevertheless I gave it a try. Thunderbird has made major changes in its UI. They have added new features like tabs, archive, smart folder and so on. More here

After using this for few days I must say they have made definitive improvement on this software. I highly recommend everyone to update to this version. There was some problem with 'lightning' extension but this is already fixed.

To install follow the steps below:
  1. Open Terminal
  2. Add Mozilla's sources by:
    • For Karmic:
      • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa
    • For version older than Karmic:
      • echo 'deb ubuntu_version main' | sudo tee -a  /etc/apt/sources.list
        sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 247510BE
  3. sudo aptitude update
  4. sudo aptitude install thunderbird-3.0 thunderbird-3.0-gnome-support
  5. sudo aptitude remove thunderbird-2.0 thunderbird-2.0-gnome-support
  6. sudo ln -s /usr/bin/thunderbird-3.0 /usr/bin/thunderbird


  1. This shredder. Who the heck needs that?!

  2. Thanks a lot. This was a great help and easy to follow. Installation of Thunderbird 3 in Ubuntu 9.10 successful.

  3. Thanks! Very helpful

  4. Worked like a dream! Thanks very much...

  5. great .......... smooth as honey !!!!!

  6. Excellent :0)
    Simplest solution around for Ubuntu 9.10 - works flawlessly!
    Thanks very much.

  7. Great instructions. Thanks
    But why does this show up on the menu as Shredder?

  8. Shredder is Thunderbird 3 development name.


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