Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Easily Hack Android Games With GameCIH

GameCIH allows you to modify variables of any program you are running. Because of this power many gamer uses this program to increase their score, coins, gold coins, high score, money, level, HP and so on. Only requirement to this simple  yet powerful program is you need to be rooted. The reason you can guess is Android doesn't allow one program to modify other program's value directly.

I'll be using this game Hill Climb Racing to increase my coins level from 100 to 99999999.

First let's download GameCIH from its website and install and open it.

After that let's install/open the game "Hill Climb Racing". As you can see in the picture below I've only 100 coins. The small gray rectangle on top left is GameCIH in minimized mode.

We can click that rectangle to bring the full menu. We can click the "Up/Down" arrow to move the menu on different parts of the screen. I've moved it to bottom to easily see the coin numbers.

Now let's click the search glass which brings the following menu.

We can search number, name or do low level analysis. What we'll do here is try to find the number 100 in game and modify that. We can also try by entering name like 'score'.

Unfortunately there were too many entries for 100 in the game. Trying each of them will take a very long time. So let's play the game for a while and collect few coins. Try to get non common number of coins. I played a round and my current coin count is 2090. I'll try with this.

Now there is only four entries for 2090. Sometimes you'll find single entry sometimes thousands. I think four is fair number so I'll try with it.

Let's start with first entry. The first entry shows 2-bytes. 2 bytes is too low for scoring coin counts as in a game a user can collect more than 2 bytes of coin easily. So I'll discard this entry and go to next one. For me all three entries are 2 bytes and last one is 4 bytes. So I'm 100% sure that the last one is the entry for coin numbers. Please note that this won't be probably same with you. You may get different result.

Now let's put the desired number of coins. I'll put 99999999 and click modify.

Voila, 99999999 coins :D. If after clicking modify the coins didn't get updated in game you have modified the wrong entry. Try modifying remaining entries.


  1. Does this method still work after the recent update to Hill Climb Racing?

    1. I guess it should work. After the hack the game got bored and I uninstalled it :D

  2. Turns out it does not work after the update. To use the hack, first uninstall the latest version, install the old APK and apply the hack, then upgrade to the current version for coin balance to carry over.

  3. New version still can hack with GG =D

  4. Hacked latest version . Thanx

  5. Does gamecih work on RAZR maxx?

  6. How do i use it on fort conquer?

  7. Gamecih lite does not work on samsung galaxy note 3 smn9005 plzzz update gamecih in high version

  8. Gamecih lite does not work on samsung galaxy note 3 smn9005 plzzz update gamecih in high version

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