Monday, May 21, 2012

Add Proxy Exception In Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu 12.04 comes with shiny graphical tool to setup system wide global proxy. But as seen in the picture below there is no way to add exception or ignored host.

To overcome this limitation we have to install dconf Editor. You can install by clicking the previous link or by typing sudo apt-get install dconf-tools in terminal. Please note that though the software is call dconf editor its packaged as dconf-tools.

Once installed open dconf editor and navigate to system -> proxy. From here you can add ignore-hosts as string and as seen in the picture below.

You may need to log out and log in for the changes to take effect.


  1. Was very useful. Thanks! This "feature" of adding a [proxy bypass] has been now moved to "wishlist" section by Ubuntu :)

  2. Thank you... This help me a lot.. :)

  3. thanks it works for me, please help me another, in Ubuntu 12.04 how can I put password in system settings, so that Im the only one can edit it, thanks my email address is (

    1. Try creating a different account for that user.

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